A Bit Of Elegance

Written by erica on 09/18/2012

We did a little remodeling at the store this weekend and in the process we ended up redecorating. Below are a few shots from our newly renovated back room or “shabby room” as we like to refer to it as.

We’ve used a vintage marble top table, ivory cupid crest mirror and Reve’ ruffled chair cover to create this one of a kind vanity. Can you picture yourself getting ready here for an upcoming event or a night out on the town? (I know I can)  It would be especially lovely with a warmly lit Giulietta Tocca candle and your favorite glass of red wine. 

A pair of Bella Notte lace and linen table cloths create this romantic tablescape. Atop the table are an assortment of glass jars and bottles. My personal favorite is the perfectly round “candy” jar-I imagine it filled with my favorite bath salts next to a tub full of bubbles!

The Rousseau bookcase is perfect for any room in the house. We have filled it with some of our favorite coral, clamshells and assorted decorative books.

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